We offer counselling, support, education and therapeutic interventions to individuals and couples adjusting to parenthood.

Adjustment to parenthood can be an extremely rewarding and challenging time.  Having a baby may trigger personal experiences, emotions and expectations deeply. Sometimes this sense of responsibility may feel overwhelming. We also know that this is a critical time in your babies early life experience and development. The birth of a baby may also have an impact on your past and current relationships.

The Being Held Group Program will provide you with the insight, confidence and skills you require at this important time. We will support you in getting to know your baby and understand how important you are in this attachment relationship. The mother/infant program will support you in being the best parent you can be. 

We are also available to support fathers at this time, as they too, welcome a new little person into the world.


The Being Held program is a clinically based program delivered by a qualified clinicians with experience in mental health, trauma, relationship counselling and parent-infant work. 

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